SEO Foundations

Although I learned search engine optimization in 2011, I just upgraded my skills on with the latest course.  Many of the modules I already knew but there were a few things that were new.  You can view more information on how I do search engine optimization...

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A Tip for Better Visibility for Your Website

I have been taking a couple of courses on to expand my skills and one of them is SEO Foundations.  I took a similar course on there about six years ago and pretty much taught myself how to optimize a website for the search engines.  It was well worth my time...

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Newly Launched Projects – Re-Design for Astrologer and Tarot Reader

Check out the re-design of Astrologer and Tarot Reader Carol Bellis.  We made the overall design simpler and with earth-toned colors because that is what she likes and is her brand.   I believe your website and marketing material needs to reflect your personality and...

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New Website for Sound Healing

Check out the new website I just launched for Soul Song Integration. This is the new website for Lynn Colpoys, an energy healer based in Asheville, NC.  Lynn works primarily with Atlas and Body Balancing to heal the body, emotions, mind, and soul. If you are an energy...

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