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Heather LaCroix
lack Mountain, North Carolina

Black Bean Vegetarian Chili

What does cooking have to do with a design newsletter?  I love the creation process of cooking, plus you have something delicious you can eat when you are done. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that. When you combine them, you find they are better...

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Email Marketing

Another one of the things I do for clients is email marketing.  Here is one I did for Kristina Angelgate.  She even texted me the day after the event to tell me it was a huge success and said "Heather!  The psychic fair was a hit!  The colors...

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New Logo for Sunrise Vitality

Here is the concept Sally chose for her logo.  I know other designers may work in a different way but I like to draw logo concepts by hand.  This is because I find you can get more creative with pen and paper rather than starting off on the computer....

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Get rid of the Pop Ups on your website

It turns out in August of last year, Google rolled out another change to how websites are ranked in that if your website has any pop ups, it will be ranked lower, in mobile search. People use their phones and tablets all the time to search on the web so this an update...

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