Hey guys, something I have been working on is making my own website themes that people can either download and apply to their website or pick a theme and have me install and get your website started.  I think both are very affordable options for the business that is just starting out.  Right now I have two to choose from and I am working on more as time permits.  The Done For You option includes getting your website started with one of the themes you choose, search engine optimization, hacker security, and a video tutorial on how to add your own page content.  Check out the Ethereal theme for Intuitives and Energy Workers and the Holistic Health Coach theme.  

Interested in the Done For You option?  You can check it out on my Holistic Website Templates page. Need a new website design but concerned about the investment?  Let’s work together to create your theme.  If you allow me to use your website theme as a template I can resell, I will do it for the Done For You price (very affordable, considering I am including search engine optimization).  You get a professionally designed new website based on your needs and I get to use it as one of my theme downloads (minus your logo and photo of course).  Let’s talk if you are interested!