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Heather LaCroix


New website re-design and branding for Dr. Linda Howe

Check out the new website, logo, and branding for Dr. Linda Howe.  Linda has written three books on how to access the Akashic records.  She offers classes with certification in becoming a teacher for accessing the Akashic records, as well as self-enrichment. This was...

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Optimizing Your Google Local Business Listing

I recently updated my Google Business Listing.  It was outdated with old projects, information, and photos so I figured it would be a good thing for me to do.  If you are a local business and get most of your customers from the surrounding area, it is a good idea to...

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Ethereal Theme Re-Designed

If you have not checked out my Holistic Website Themes, go check them out.   I created these as a lower price point than a full custom website design because they are based on a theme. I just finished re-designing my Ethereal Theme.  This website theme is designed...

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NASA Library

NASA has a large collection of copyright-free photos and media that is available for personal, news outlets and schools.  It is available for commercial use as well but there are restrictions so make sure you read the guidelines before using on your website or...

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Digital Flipbooks for Marketing

I recently had to create a digital book for one of my clients.  Little did I know it was not possible to create one that flips pages online with my Adobe Creative Suite. After a bit of research, I found a couple of companies that do just that.  I ended up...

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Website and Graphic Design for Small Business, Restaurants, Retail, Authors and Artists, Healthcare, Financial, Massage Therapists,  Food Service and more.