OMG – I love the websites!! You’ve really spruced them up and given them a new look. AWESOME!!

They look terrific which is what I wanted. Thank you!!

Andi Locke-Mears

Heather’s newsletter always presents excellent ideas and suggestions for promoting services.

Divinely One

“Heather is an amazing person and technical support expert. She always goes out on the limb to answer my problem-solving questions and gets the issues immediately resolved.

She is creative, fair, genuinely interested in making the best scenario for my needs. I most appreciate her reliability and attentiveness to the task at hand.”

Maria Chah – www.AcupunctureHealth.com

The site is lovely and I appreciate your work and quick responses to my needs.   Everyone loves it!

Sandi Athey – www.TheSandiConnection.com

“Heather designed my spiritual business website. She knocked it out of the park with the theme . She captured exactly what I wanted to evoke. I love the way it looks, and it is so beautiful. Since then I have continue to work with her for website updates and modifications as my business grew. She also integrated my business image and design with my social media platforms, including Facebook, and my newsletter for consistency. She is able to work across different platforms and social media which is so helpful, especially if you are a novice, like me. She is very prompt, efficient and responds timely to all my email requests for assistance. I appreciate her honesty as well as to what and what cannot be done and her workarounds. She is also very clear and upfront about her fees for services, which is helpful for budgeting & planning purposes. “

Katy Simmone – Soul Evolution Center

I’m so blessed to have met you knowing that you are taking care of my website and social media technicalities!!!!

Your confidence about your work makes everything you do sound effortless!!!

Carol Ramsay

Goddess Touch

“Heather was very responsive and easy to work with. She immediately grasped the style and feel of what we were looking for and gave our website a nice fresh new look! “

Gloria Graham Sollecito.

Brendan Donovan Cabinets

“Heather is very professional, creative, personable, on time, kind, patient, generous with her work. She has been assisting me with my web needs for 3 or 4 years now. I appreciate her work and highly recommend her.”

 Nadine Hammil

Artful Dreamers

All I can say is wow! And all my social media platforms are just really coming together, thanks to your help! I still can’t believe all this was created!

Katy from SoulEvolutionCenter.com

Oh wow! She is wonderful!!!  Curly hair and all!!!  I love it!  It made me smile! 

Sherri from Natural Woman Massage 

Just wanted to let you know we have placed our final product order and should have everything on the website in a week or two. I really just wanted to convey to you that our logo was voted most beautiful by the art department of that supplier. I thought you would like to hear that your work is noticed. I may call you for some help on stuff on a few weeks. In the meantime…Thanks.


Craig Hollis


“I would like to Thank You for all of your prompt and efficient professional services helping me with my website.  Your creativeness in finding out about me and my practice and then creating the website with that in mind was just amazing.” 

Dolores – Natures Cycles 

“You have done a SUPERB job!!! Very professional on all areas!!!!!!!   I feel really good about
this-you to have made my week and I feel really positive about this endeavor.”  – Kathy from Healthy Woman

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the work you’ve put into my website. That color change just was the icing on an already beautiful cake… You do beautiful work and you are very patient and I so appreciate your work!  

Lynn Louis Wonders of The Yoga Room

Heather does beautiful design work on websites and she’s quick to respond to your needs. Her prices are fair and she is also a beautiful person inside and out.

Deborah DeNicola   


You get me!

Julie Feldman of Funk Sister Gallery Glass Jewelry and Art

WOW it looks incredible. I’m so happy with it. I literally had tears coming out of my eyes. I’m soo happy.

Allyson Lipnack


“I want to thank you for a beautiful job that you did for me. I love it through and through. It was a nice gift to welcome me into the 21st century! I’ve been nurturing many souls and I miss out on a lot that’s being offered up today in the tech arena. Now I get to enjoy it and
tweek it (over time). Fun fun fun…Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Ellie of Wellspring Massage, Facial, 

and Aromatherapy Center

When I first met Heather, I knew that she would be the one to create my website. I needed someone to be creative and opened to my own ideas.

What I love about Heather, when she commits to project she finishes it in a timely manner. And when I had last minute changes, she was on top of it.

I would highly recommend Third Eye Studio for those who want a creative, eye catching website along with great service.”

Joseph LoBrutto III

Our Journey Of Life

Psychic Medium Joseph

It was a pleasure working with Heather. Her artistic talent and intuitive ability
made working with her great! I constantly receive compliments on my site and would recommend her services to anyone looking for a unique and innovative design and website.

Michelle Starkey

Author, Illustrator, Extraordinary Human Being!

You are my angel web designer!

You are making me cry heather I can not thank you enough for bringing my creation to life, I am speechless.

Bless you, Tia.

Tia Crystal

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